I'll make sure not to bump my ass on the way out.

Bye Portola. Bye. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my time here for the most part, but I can't wait for civilization, internet and not driving an hour just to see buildings. I've love the house we rented more than you could know. I never ever dreamed of renting such a big house in my life and probably will never have the opportunity again. (unless I'm rich and can hire a house keeper) I love the wildlife and will miss the bunnies, coyotes, geckos, frogs, angry stellar jays, fat robins, chickadees and squirrels the size of house cats. Oh yeah and the chipmunk that comes to the door everyday to tease Miso. 

Most of all I will miss my buddy Laura. She made life here worth the absence of other things soon to be in our grasp. A very wonderful, loving, awesome individual who I hope can visit.  I'll miss teaching her very talented daughter ballet and hope she sticks with it.  I'll also miss teaching her son tap. He had very good rhythm and a great ear musically and I'm grateful for her hubbs purchasing some of my paintings. (great eye for art)  I'll miss Jimmy's roadhouse who always had gluten free beer for me and great conversation and great bartenders.  And I will miss my physical therapy team who were awesome to find in this sleepy little town. (I must go say goodbye tomorrow) I met a few great people in the artists guild, but most found me odd. Hopefully we'll keep in touch. Oh, I will miss my bathtub with jets and fenced in doggy yard. I will also miss my hairdresser and massage therapist. (awesome) 

Baseball with Jimmy's Roadhouse.

We did a trip to Reno thursday with Jimmy's Roadhouse (the local hangout restaurant/bar in this small hick-town) Not sure how many people went. Maybe 30ish. We rented a bus, mainly so everyone could drink and not drive. It was mostly a younger crowd with a spattering of older folks (4 to be exact) Most of the group was well on their way to being trashed before we got to the ballpark. They were having fun. We had a "bus bartender" who was peddling 2 dollar beers. Jimmy did pack me 2 gluten free beers which I appreciated, but I only had one because they make me incredibly sleepy.  

Jimmy was supposed to rent us a box, so we thought. (for tickets and bus ride it was $50.00 a head) When we got there we were being directed in the direction of the lawn and we all panicked. Right before you get to the lawn is a place called the "sun box". That's where we were. I was like "i would have brought my hat had I know we would be in the sunniest part of the stadium." But as we entered the sun box we were handed complimentary visors which made it okay. No sun stroke today. It was very hard to see for the first 3 or so innings because the sun was directly in front of us. But it all worked out. 


So, the last few days, maybe even a week, I've been having dreams where I know I'm in a dream. I don't have those too often. Normally my dreams are very literal. There is no cryptic messages as to what my dream was about. If I'm worrying about something, my dreams are usually exactly what I'm worrying about. These dreams have been strange in the fact that when I'm in the dream I say "oh, I've had this dream before. I know exactly whats going to happen so I can prepare or change it." The problem is I don't know if I've actually had these dreams or not because I can't really remember them, for the most part, when I wake up. (the reoccurring part) 

When I was younger, from time to time, I would have reoccurring dreams. I had one once every night for a year, then didn't have it again till 7 years later and it lasted 2 months that time.

These I think my brain is just playing tricks. Anyway, every time I say the line above and then start to change the dream it turns into a zombie horror. Zombies trying to eat me. Every time I try to manipulate the dream a zombie charges me and they are all different zombies. Weird. Now I know I'm not worrying about zombies, so this is new for me.  What am I stressing over that would turn into zombies? Then in a weird twist, the zombies can have conversations. Which made it particularly horrifying when myself and 3 other people were stabbing one and it was talking to us like nothing was happening. (I do know I could never stab someone. it was horrifying) And I know you can't kill a zombie by stabbing it. Any ideas?   or