more painting Woooot!!!

check out the closes ups or the painting blog . Leave your thoughts. 

A bit better today...

Which means tomorrow will suck.  But at least I'll get to hit the last weekend of the buy one get one for a penny canvas sale.

New paintings up on the painting blog. Painted between meltdowns yesterday. Itching to do more but I'm off to work. Then i have the next month off. WooHoo!!!! 

Minor meltdown

Tiny meltdown today as I went out side to lay in the nice breezy weather. I'm very depressed. I'm sick of being in pain. it's taking it's toll. It's seems I can only have a moderately okay day followed by and excruciatingly painful day. I just want to be normal. I'm so tired of hurting.  The house looks likes shit. B is keeping up as best he can but it's taking a toll on him too. He's been a big help and very patient.  I'm hoping the month off from work will help, starting next week. I'm just really worn down and wish all my friends were closer. Oops, I feel some more melting coming on...

mmmm hork hork hork

Migraine and violent horking last night. No fever, I think just from the migraine. Not sure though. queasy this morning. Medium sized headache. Sipping on some ginger tea. I'm not even in the mood for coffee. Weird. 

Rare Evening Thunder shower

on the way back from our hike today we were discussing how perfect everyday here is. The thunder shower is very rare but welcomed when it comes. As we arrived home we saw dark clouds in the distance. Not sure if they would pass over us. Well they did and I was so excited I went out in the rain and took pics. The showers cooled everything off early today and the colors were amazing. have the sky was sepia tone and half the sky was blue. I took vid but nakedness ended up in it so i have to edit. :) It was a very cool thunder storm. 41 pics by the way. :) this was during the rain. Hope you like them.

DSC02020               DSC02021DSC02022              DSC02023DSC02024             DSC02025DSC02026             DSC02027DSC02028              DSC02029DSC02030             DSC02031        DSC02032              DSC02036DSC02037              DSC02038DSC02039              DSC02040DSC02041              DSC02042DSC02044              DSC02045DSC02046              DSC02047DSC02048               DSC02049DSC02050                DSC02051DSC02052                  DSC02053DSC02054                  DSC02055DSC02056                 DSC02057DSC02058                 DSC02059DSC02060                  DSC02061DSC02062                  DSC02063


New painting up

Check out the painting blog or the close up page. :)


It feels like I haven't blogged in an age. I haven't touched my art supplies yet. I was pretty wrecked this weekend. Very immobile. I'm a bit better today and there is a slight nagging to go paint, which I plan to do after I finish this fine salad I'm eating.

Oh, funny thing, i was in the local coffee shop friday after my back appointment. I hear two women chatting about the arts and crafts show. I turn around and ask. "Hey are there any artists groups in the area." and both looked at me surprised at first and then said. "as a matter of fact we are part of the Mohawk Valley Artists. I'm the treasurer and she's the vice president." 

This is the group I've been trying to find for months. No phone, no website. So I got the number of the president and have to call her this week. One of the ladies stayed and talked with me for a bit. I showed her some paintings and she was very excited. Woooot!!!! finally.  I have a feeling I'm going to be the youngest one there but that's okay. I have more faith that I will get along better with this group than with the methuen group back east.

My Heaven

Did some mega canvas shopping today. buy one get one for a penny. Couldn't pass that up. Wow paint is expensive. I won't have enough for all those canvases but I'll make the best of it.

2nd visit was much better

I had the owner today. She was awesome. apparently my tail bone is tucked or something and she unstuck it. It took tremendous pressure off my lower back. I'm still in pain but not nearly like I was. Then I did too much at hip hop and I'm regretting it. I tried to take it easy but it's hard when you have to show kids stuff. 

I'm sipping on some black cherry cider and it's tasty. I'm feeling a bit better tonight.  Took my last pill tonight. I go back to the docs tomorrow. 

Oh the pain

First PT visit today. It started off well and good and very encouraging, though they have their work cut out for them. She releases some tension spots and the pain was receding. I was quite happy. They right before I left they strapped this harness thing around me and sat me in a chair and attempted to lift 50% of my body weight up to take pressure off my spine. Sounds good right? 

They kept asking me if the pain was receding at all and I kept saying no. Because it wasn't. So she tried shifting me a little. Still the same. Anyway. 10 minutes after I left, flare up. I went from a 3 pain level to a 6. muscles tensed up. Came home took a muscle relaxer. I'm still getting worse. Now the pain is up to my shoulder and my back is stiff and burny. Guess were i have to be in an hour. Work. Pain level is about a 7.5 and will probably be a solid 9 by the time I'm done work. So i'm not letting them put me in that stupid chair thursday. 

because I like this so much

I'm posting it here too. :)



New paintings up

check out the painting blog. 

1st day back to work

So classes went awesome but my back hates me. I was feeling a bit better yesterday till I taught for 3 1/2 hours on my feet. Came home in horrible horrible pain. I'm glad I rationed my pain killers. though I will be out tomorrow. Hopefully tonight will be better and I hope I'm in one piece for tomorrow. I started back on mega doses of  Ibuprofen which is helping but my spine is grinding and shifting in weird places. Very uncomfortable. I don't head back to the doctors till the 16th and don't have physical therapy till the 13th.  Not sure the one will do me much good. 

I'm hurting quite a bit right now. I walked a bit too long with the dogs. I have and hour and half before work. Wish me luck.

Grumbly Zombie

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Grumble Grumble

Yenney has re-knicknamed me grumbly bear. It's amazing how a lot of pain will transform you into a grumbling, depressed, hate everything kind of person. I've had another flare up. I chose to sleep half the day away yesterday so I wouldn't have to deal with it. Pain management sucks. I was doing really good with a vicadin every other day alternating with a muscle relaxer. Then I had a couple of really good days and didn't need anything. Wed. BLAM!!! intense pain. I thought I could only take the vicadin twice a day but my bottle says every 4-6 hours. I plan to do that today and see how it goes. But I'll be out by monday. Doesn't seem to do a whole lot. I'm not sure why anyone would get hooked on this stuff. I must have a different body chemistry. Only thing I've been really addicted of late are those mini snickers bars. :) I'm off to hibernate.

Awwwwww, drool

I started re-watching Farscape tonight. God, I had forgotten how much I thoroughly enjoyed and loved this show and I'm only on the pilot. :)   or