Ho Hum. Fiddlely dee.

I hate people as usual. I want to be a hobbit. I've already got the short and tubby down. Now I just need to find a nice hole and grow hair on my feet.

Can't sleep

It's 12:52 and I've been tossing an turning for over two hours. I can't sleep. Too much on my mind. Worry worry. Not even the rain on the roof is lulling me into sleep. Hope I made the right decisions. Hope I'm not making a mistake. Hope I'm not taking on too much. Can't sleep. I'm making some Tazo 'Zen' tea in hopes it will relax me enough to stop the thought process. I'm also desperately trying to stay away from the fridge. I seem ravenously hungry and in need of comfort food. Which would all make me sick.

I think I got some cross contamination today, that's why I'm hungry and that's why I have hives on my back. (dammit) The "when pigs fly" bread is calling me. It's calling me and saying "Oh you have missed me. I make such a good sandwich. You won't get sick. and if you do, you are already sick anyway" . But I won't so it. Even though I want too. (I really want to)

I almost went to paint, but I wasn't in the mood to get messy. And I know all the ideas I would want to get out on canvas wouldn't come out right which would just frustrate the hell out of me more. (Damn I just burned my tongue)

Here are three new ones.

IMG_0823  IMG_0826


I got so bored tonight.

I was so restless and not happy the sox blew their 2-1 lead. I had to shut the game off. I chatted with a friend for a while. It was really good, but I was itching to do something. I decided to go try to paint, since Yenney has been doing most of it lately, including blogging. So I did. I spent an hour and did three paintings. I think I really like two. Not sure though. I have to wait till they dry. They always look different when they dry. One came out really interesting. I left a lot of the white background. For some reason I always feel like i have to cover the whole canvas. I'm going to try harder not to from now on. (But the other two I did cover the whole canvas) 

I think I just wanted to smear my fingers in something messy. My last picture I used way to much paint, but it felt soooooooooooooooo good. :) I'll post them at some point tomorrow-hopefully. I will be gone most of the day, so it may be wed or thursday. (wed. is pretty full too.) 

Well now I'm just procrastinating. I'm not quite ready for bed but I am actually sick of being on line. (Never thought I would say that) I'm also itching to start working with metals. Making chain and chain mail. I really could have gotten into that tonight. 

Substituted tonight.

I taught a lyrical class tonight. It went great. It was a combination class of adult teacher and teens. They seemed to really like it. I don't think I'll be moving to great tomorrow. I haven't stretched in over a month and I'm kinda sore tonight. We'll see. It should be interesting.  i should go help yenney tomorrow. 

Watching at this moment...

...well it's paused for the moment. 1972 Vampire Circus. Wow, sos good. the acting is priceless. and it's rated PG with boobs. Does anyone remember when you could see breasts in a PG movie. I do. Anyway. It had a long intor and now onto the beginning credits. Apparently the guy who did the physical acting for Darth Vader is in this. Not the voice. (We all no that was James Earl Jones) But Dave  Prowse. Waiting to see if he's a vampire. I could look him up, but I'm going to see if I can spot him. Probably not. but we'll see. God I love 70's films.  

Yay Yenney

Yenney is out of her funk. Thank God. (well...) Who knew feeding her a bowl of cereal could be so good for the soul. LOL I'm off to have lunch with a dance teacher and see if I can drum up any work for the summer. I also maybe whoring myself out as choreographer for a few local plays this fall. It should be fun. I haven't done that in a long time. 

I'm meeting another good friend tomorrow. She runs the music department at a private school a couple towns away. She has me in mind for a school production. Yay. I love working with her and it's been so long. We are a good team creatively. 

Wednesday I'm possibly going surfing with Laura. I'll probably just sit on the board and kick with my feet. 

Thursday I know I have something, but can't for the life of me remember what. Dammit. Maybe I'll go catch the new Harry Potter. (But I know that wasn't it.)

Oh, hahahaha. I'm supposed to substitute teach. Hahaha that would have been great.

Ho Hum

I'm rather bored.


well it's been weeks since I blogged. I'm enjoying being unemployed. I'm going to crash Yenney and Jeni's painting party friday. It will be a blast. 

I'm about to throw Miso through a window. He is really channeling Demon today. I thought he would be tired after taking an hour walk with Yenney. Quite the opposite.   

I think I popped my Jaw out of place last night in some weird freak chewing accident. It popped back in but I think I now know what a dislocated jaw feels like. It hurts like hell today and it feels slightly swollen and my bite is a bit off. Not to mention I can't really chew. 

I feel like today is going to be one of those days. But I really hope I'm wrong. I ant to have a good day. A nice day. A peaceful day. Maybe I'll try some meditation. That should help. (though very difficult with a demon hellspawn barking)   or