Things that are perfectly fine on their own

I was wearing one of my t-shirts the other day that dons the phrase "Stupid raisins. Stay out of my cookies." and it got me on the train of thought about things I love or really like but hate them when they are mixed with anything. Let's start with raisins. 

I really like raisins. I wouldn't go out of my way to have some, but if they fall in front of me I'm not going to pass them by. They were, as a kid, one of my favorite snacks. Well and in the mini boxes if you blew on them just right, they sounded like a harmonica. (the box, not the raisins) My first experience of a raisin in anything (that i remember anyway) was in a chunky bar. You know the ones. I figured, oh, i like raisins and I like chocolate. Great! Wrong on so many levels. something I hate even more than chocolate and raisins is warm or hot raisins. Bleh. Raisins should be left alone. That's my philosophy. 

Okay now I've always loved dill pickles. Never could stomach the sweet ones. I like them naked, cold and straight out of the jar. The only thing i will put pickles on is hamburgers. they just mix well with all the ketchup and mustard. Yum. Put them in tuna fish and i get physically ill. Apart those two things are awesome, together-Horksville.

Check it out

New collaboration between all us creative chicks. :) It should be fun.

Well, I seriously need to grab Yenney and house clean. She invited her sister over so the dogs can play. She can't come till after her sunday "meeting". so that buys us a few hours. I really want to go an paint. All this new blank canvas is crying out to me. I could ditch cleaning but Yenney would never forgive me. :) (I know you all think I'm insane) heehee. anyway.,,

I'd much rather be painting and writing.  My book is coming along nicely. I broke 40,000 words the other night. I am going to try for 50,000. Then the shopping around process begins. The scary introduction letter that makes or breaks you. I'm going to do it though. I need to do this. I have no excuses anymore. I have to try. And then the horrid waiting process. (I hate waiting)  I guess it will teach me patience. :)


I'm using my recital bonus to buy canvases this weekend. Woooooooooooot!!!!!! Aaron brother is having a buy one get one for a penny. I have to get the most bang for my buck to hold me over plus I need to get some of the other paint i had before. This new stuff sucks. I will be painting over my last three paintings. They dried horribly. Bleh

Wow, talk about cathartic.

On the plane ride home tuesday I started writing and open letter to each of my family members. I've been working on them for the last few days. Getting out pent up emotions and issues I have with them. Talking about how they each have hurt me and how I feel about it. Also my feelings and thoughts of how they react to things and live their lives. 

I started with my mother. She has done more damage than I realized. Then I moved onto my sisters then my brother. Tonight I tackled my father. I'm not done with it yet but I needed to step away from it for a bit. 

I don't know if I will ever post them. I may. (they will definitely be in my book) But just writing them made me feel so much better. I've pent up a lot of my thoughts about them for so long. Just ignored my feelings and didn't think about them and then just smile and be nice when I see my family. Then get angry later at what they said or did when I was with them. 

I'm tired of all that. All the games. Nobody says what they are really thinking, ever. I respect people who can be honest with me, about anything. It's hard to respect someone who tells one thing to your face and then says the complete opposite when they are with someone else. 

The games those circuit overseers play.

Okay, so I did my research. I mentioned before that the circuit overseer unfolded a computer print out of all the earthquakes that happened in the last 7 days. The list was taller than him. (I don't know if he was short or tall) 

Well this was supposed to convince the masses that the end is near and apparently it did. What he didn't tell them is that that amount happens all the time. I did my research and earthquakes have actually decreased. Here's the chart. 


Okay I tried for an hour to make this bigger. Here's the bottom line from 2000-2010 (of course 2010 isn't over yet but we are half way through.)

         2000   2001   2002  2003  2004   2005   2006  2007  2008   2009     2010

Total222562353427454314193119430478295682968531777* 14792* 8608

Here's the link if you don't believe me.

Now this really pisses me off and only proves the scare tactics. Now if my mom still had email this would be all over it. But she doesn't which means I have pick up the phone. I hate the phone. But I will and she still won't listen. Her blinders will go up and her ears will shut off. She is so obsessed by these earthquakes. They must really be hammering this into them this year. I remember years back when the big earthquake hit CA and lots of deaths. The end was coming then too. And yes I remember 1975. The end was coming and I wouldn't make first grade. It just really angers me. They use the same thing year after year and people just keep believing it. It also makes me very sad. I have really learned to live my life and they never will. Hanging on to the dangling carrot that will never come. They will die miserable and unfulfilled. I guess it's not my problem anymore though. I know the truth and I am set free.

Oh dread

So today was the dreaded lunch date with my sister and mother. Not so much my sister, but I knew my mother would work her preaching in somehow. My sister knows better. So I knew she was going to start when we were discussing where I would settle down. Would it be where I am or would I go further south? 
"Oh don't go to San Fran Cisco. If there is an earthquake it will be really bad."
Then she went on to say how the Circuit Overseer went on line to see how many earthquakes there were in the last 7 days. I thought "Here we go."
"He unfolded a list and it was taller than him. "
I choked back a laugh and stifled my snarky comment about how there have always been earthquakes we just have technology now that makes it more accessible than we did 20 years ago. I'm going to go on line and see if I can get earthquake statistics for the last 20-30 years. Maybe we do have more, maybe we don't but it certainly doesn't prove Armageddon is coming. Then she pulls out the tract. 
I knew it was coming. The one about how the end is near or something like that. She says "I know you are not "into" the truth anymore."(underlying snark, very impressive) "but maybe this will jog your memory." I laughed again with a little insult in my voice and said "Thanks mom, I don't need my memory jogged. I clearly remember everything and that's the problem." 
Then i sat and listened to them rehash the same old stories of the family from the past. I've heard them a thousand times. Maybe it's their way of healing. I'm not sure. so I listen. I think they just like to torture themselves though. They really have nothing but bad memories and scripture to talk about. It's quite sad. Can't wait to be outta here. 8:30 am flight. Wooooot.


Yes the concrete blocks attached to my ankles have been released and tied to someone else's. Woooooooooooot and I am swimming away and not looking back.

(see Yenney's last couple of blogs)

heehee you should have seen how Yenney wanted to launch over the table at the buyer when the buyer made a face because the mailbox key is sitting in the truck at the Reno airport. :) And how we inconvenienced her and now she has to go to the post office to get a new one. :) "And what you have to walk to the mailbox. it's not delivered to your door." 

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 


Taking a break from housework. My back is not happy. I have dance recital today and not sure if I should take a pill or not. I think I'll take half and hopefully I won't be wonky when it's time for recital.  Did a bit to much yesterday and have a lot more to do today. Didn't get anything done this week so now it's all last minute. (stupid back) 

I'm not looking forward to the long plane ride. But I have no choice. I so can't wait for that condo to be gone. I hope everyone shows up, that said they would, to the storage locker clean out. That stuff needs to be history.

Dear Mr. Rodriquez

I just want to thank you for making the Jehovah's Witnesses look like asses. You are the shining example. People (i hope) are not as stupid as you make them sound. People are smart enough and have free will to troll ex-jw sites if they wish.  I'm sure they can tell when they've "stumbled" on an apostate site. They don't have to disguise their fascination of  ex-jw sites under the title Witness Watchdog. You obviously like doing it as much as they do. 

Playing cloak and dagger. Having people turn people in (like in Nazi Germany) must seem all thrilling to you. But shouldn't you be spending you time studying and drawing closer to Jehovah rather than pretending you are someone you are not. Lying and manipulating. Pretending you are a super hero. That is a real good example for people looking into your religion or for people trying to come back. You are a shining beacon for all to stay away. 

 I'm sure when the society cut back on the number of meeting per week that everyone would attend, that they didn't intend you to use your free time trolling around apostate sites. I'm sure their intent was for you to use that time in a spiritual uplifting way. It disheartens me that you would actually have followers. But sheep will follow their master to the end of the earth and right off a cliff if he takes them there. So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. 

still out of commission

Day three:

Still in lots of pain. Going to the Dr. on friday morning. Hope they can give me something for the long flight on monday. I am not looking forward to being strapped in a seat for 5 hours. 

I hope tomorrow is better than today...

because today sucked ass with a straw.

Woke up to searing burning pain over my entire back along with involuntary muscle movement on my right side and numb hands. Scary shit. I don't trust the doctors in town so I will be trekking about 45 or so minutes to another town. I think I found one and so hope he is not a quack. (I've seen way to many of them)

I probably won't get in till after the NH trip. Which royally sucks. I think it's related to the degeneration in my spine but I'm not sure. (Maybe my kidneys are failing) 

Anyway. I hope tomorrow I will be able to move around better. 

Yay self absorbed me!!!!

Me me me me me me me. Just kidding.  I just had a few hours of eventful writing. Woooooot!!!!!!

Yep, I knew it...

Completely batshit crazy. I've blocked her. But now I can't see her insane comments posted on the page I co-admin. Oh well. I hope she didn't gleam the website before I blocked her. Wow is she off kilter.  Serves me right for trying to be nice. (I'll leave nice to Yenney) She seems to me the kind of person that adopts a trait of whomever she is talking with. Like if I said "Oh yeah, I have such in such problem." then all of a sudden she does too but hen she has to one up you. 

She has no logical clear thought. Just speaks on emotion and definitely does not think before she speaks. I can almost feel sorry for her but... she is really batshit crazy. 

That's my story for today kids. 

I learned a new word <claps hands in excitement>

ad hominem |ˈad ˈhämənəm|adverb adjective(of an argument or reaction) arising from or appealing to the emotions and not reason or logic.• attacking an opponent’s motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain vicious ad hominem attacks.relating to or associated with a particular person [as adv. the office was created ad hominem for Fenton. [as adj. an ad hominem response.ORIGIN late 16th cent.Latin, literally ‘to the person.’So i think friended a crazy person. I think I need to un-friend her but not sure if I should block her or just un-friend her. She definitely has mental issues. I sure know how to pick them. Any advice?   or