So I've upgraded the software for my site and lots of things are broken. I apologize. I had to reload almost every painting pic and haven't gotten around to doing it on the painting blog yet or the puppy page. (lots broken there) I also installed a new comments provider so please be sure to try it out. 

Latest news. It snowed saturday and sunday but didn't accumulate. Also, just when I thought I got bat-shit crazy out of my life she gets mean again. But I'm all done. If she doesn't want me posting positive things on her Happy Life page then it's her loss.  I'm just mad I let her piss me off.  

I need to wash the carpets so, I think this weekend will be taken up by that. Yay, carpet washing.  It better warm up too. 

Again, is it me?

Do I just bring the "dick" out in people? Or is it just certain people who deep down are dicks?   or