Branching out

Well I'm expanding my online presence at prodding from Yenney. I'm making some cool connections. I'll be submitting some art to a fairly local gallery in mid may. They close for the winter I guess. They said they are always looking for new artist. (fingers crossed in the unusual odd number) Yenney painted over two of her paintings and mucked them up so I redid them. Those are the two new ones up.  I must try to get her supplies soon because she's contemplating mucking up some more. 

I tired to take some photos of the amazing moon last night but it was much too dark. Then I missed a cool hawk this morning gliding on the wind. He looked like a hang glider or a kite. It was amazing against the blue sky. All of snow is just about gone. What a crazy week. 

Going to see Conan O'brien Live in Reno on Tuesday. I can't wait.  Hope he has some cool swag. I've been writing up a storm, but that has tapered off the last few days. Now I just have to put it into a coherent order. Been kind of jumping around places and subjects. I'm sure it will fall into place. Too many thoughts in my head at once I guess. I'm still feeling a bit in a destructive mode or a daring mode. I'd even consider hang gliding or para sailing today. I'm sure that will pass if I think about it enough. 

Twiddling my thumbs

I'm feeling very rebellious and want to get into to trouble today.  I still find I'm censoring myself a bit. It's my own fault. I'm heading down a path I either have to embrace or be satisfied with how I am. Do I want to stir up things or be happy with how things are? I guess I should enjoy the happy while I can. I shall ponder it more though. 

I had to post this very cool cat.

who apparently loves her picture taken.



I am so pissed tonight!!!!

Oh laziness.

I'm to lazy to start over. So I'm just keeping my blog the way it is for now. I shall have a chain mail and jewelry blog as soon as I start on that venture.   or