I could so get used to this. No dogs. No people. House to myself. So quiet. I'm glad I didn't agree to watch the dogs while Yenney and Bri are away. Nice, nice, nice.

Can you believe the Red Sox

The games this weekend against the Yankees have been awesome. Come from behind wins. Great baseball. 

I also started editing my Namowrimo book "Perdition". Hoping by the time I get to the end it will spur on some more writing. Maybe I'll get some done while Yenney and her hubby are on vacation. 

No title


Oh (not laughing at Yenney now) and apparently the Pita was dusted with something flour like, which was laying on her salad and Yenney is in the bathroom. No hives though. 

Wow. Lots of blogging today.

So Yenney dragged me to the laundromat with her and I gave her my pissy mood. (Heehee) I'm better now. Especially since I took the pita bread from her. She was gonna do it. She was going to make herself sick to go with her pissy mood. Wow this place sucks. I hate it almost as much as her. I'm sure there will be an issue with the driers next. We'll see. 

Is it so wrong to hate?

Wow, I hate Joe the Plummer.

To work or not to work....

I am very tempted to call out sick today. (and maybe tomorrow) It's so gorgeous out and I don't feel like being with moody teens today. I probably will still go in. But it's tempting. I have also had some new options arise for work this fall. Not sure what to do. I hate decision making. I do have the opportunity to pick and choose who I decided to teach. (which is something I always wanted to do) So I could tailor a dance program for just the kids who really want to dance. But then I will still be working mon-fri. (not so bad) At least my saturdays will be free. And I could take off wednesday evenings. Or I can just work two days a week and teach recreational dancers. (and be creatively frustrated) but have loads of free time. 

I think I'm leaning toward the tailored dance program, because I don't think I will ever get this opportunity again and it's something I've wanted for a long time. I can try it for six months or a year and if it doesn't work then I haven't lost anything.  

Still not sure. I have some thinking to do. Am I crazy for wanting to work? Most people I think would jump at the opportunity not to. But I think I have a real talent and need to use it. 

Yay Crimsonsilk

So I've heard from my buddy. I still haven't written that letter or much of anything really. I haven't been inspired I guess. Or I'm out of ideas. Maybe both. I should finish the five books I have in progress. Again, no inspiration. (whine whine whine)

April what?

No april fools jokes here. I wasn't feeling clever. So this is day 10. I still haven't written that letter. I'm lazy. I can admit it. Haven't done much of anything. I'm trying to decide if I'm doing Script Frenzy this month. The thought of actually writing a script with scenes and places, scares the crap out of me. I'm so terrible with description anyway. But I guess it would force me to try. Still not sure. What do you think?   or