Day 8

I need a pep talk Crimsonsilk. A motivational conversation. Hope you are have a good rest. Miss you. 

Day 5. Somehow I missed day 4.

Gearing up for a long weekend of hopefully not cut throat competition. Meeting up with and old nemesis, whom I hear has not changed her ways. As long as she stays clear of me, no blood will be shed. I have a dancer with a possible stress fracture. She finds out today. If she can't dance, all the dances don't dance. She has two solo pieces and a lot of partnering. This totally sucks. I actually was not stressing about it till she called me yesterday. Wish us luck. It should be interesting.

Day 3. Still no Crimsonsilk

I still haven't written that letter yet, by hand, with a pen. Probably because I have to dig out some paper and a pen. I think I will tackle it tonight after work. 

I hope, dear Crimsonsilk, that you are enjoying your time away. Your time away from Imara :( I hope you are writing, painting and relaxing. I was supposed to work on those paintings sunday and I didn't. I was thinking about not talking to you for a month. Has it been a month yet :)

Day two.

Day two and no Crimsonsilk. I decided I'm going to do something that I haven't done in years. Write her a good old fashion letter, with a pen and paper and mail it even. :) Only problem is, she probably won't be able to read my scribbling. 

Day one without Crimsonsilk.

My buddy Crimsonsilk is taking a month long retreat. I'm a bit jealous but am very happy for her. So I'm going to blog about her absence. It will probably only be funny to me (and her) But hey, it is my blog. So this is day one. I won't be checking my I-Chat at various points of the day to see if I can catch her on. Wow, this is going to be a long month. (PS. I hope you are able to get some writing done :) )

Oh Crap!

Wow! I feel like shit.

I feel horrible and sick.

Of to bed I go.

Upcoming art project.

So keep checking in for my first big art project that I'm planning in May. I will have more details coming. For now, I'll just say, it will be outdoors and open to the public and involve dancers and paint. 

What a little tease.

I want to thank you Mother Nature for giving us a beautiful weekend where I didn't have to wear a coat and then BLAM!!! dumping eight inches of snow on us today.   or