Late night painting.

So Yenney painted yesterday. Just one and she primed some other canvases black. She bought two sized of canvas in sets of three to do a series in each size. I was itching to paint so I asked her if I could take the three smaller ones. Of course she said yes. (cause that's how awesome a Yenney is) Well of the canvases were black and the middle one was crimson and black. Great so I was all set to paint the black ones with crimson to offset the middle one. Wrong. Totally blew it. So the series of three is now a series of two and a single. Sorry Yenney. (She won't care) Hopefully they will look better in the morning. Yenney worked on the bigger ones.  She primed two black and painted with yellow and crimson. Tomorrow if she has time she will paint the third yellow and then over that paint with black and crimson. (crimson being the theme of the day in honor of Crimsony) :) We do love our Crimsony. (black primer in honor of Jeni) We truly are missing our friends. 

Yenney has a huge canvas she got cheap this weekend that she is definitely priming black. It should look amazing in black. She's trying to think of a Jeni theme.  I'm sure she'll come up with something. She said to me "Why didn't I use black primer before. This is awesome." 

Word progression of the day and what a word it is.

skulduggerynounYvonne found herself entangled in the skulduggery of Gregor's private business deals:trickeryfraudulenceunderhandednesschicaneryinformalshenanigansfunny businessmonkey businessmonkeyshines.
chicanerynounwe didn't catch on to his chicanery until it was too latetrickerydeception,deceitdeceitfulnessduplicitydishonestydeviousness,unscrupulousnessunderhandednesssubterfugefraudfraudulence,swindlingcheatingdupinghoodwinkinginformal crookedness,monkey businesshanky-pankyshenanigansskulduggery,monkeyshinesarchaic managementknavery.
hanky-panky (also a very fun Madonna Song)nouninformal hanky-panky among public officials is always newsworthy:misbehaviornaughtinessinfidelityunfaithfulnessadultery,philanderingfooling aroundfunny businessmischiefgoings-on,misconductchicanerydishonestydeceptiondeceittrickery,intrigueskulduggerysubterfugemachinationsinformal monkey businessshenaniganscarryings-on.
philanderverbhe had no time or inclination to philanderwomanizehave affairsflirt;informal play aroundcarry onplay the fieldsleep aroundfool around.
flirtverbit amused him to flirt with hertrifle withtoy withteaselead on.he flirted with the methods of the Neo-Impressionistsdabble intoy with,trifle withamuse oneself withplay withtinker withdip into,scratch the surface of.he is flirting with dangercourtrisknot fearinvite.nounAnna was quite a flirtteasetriflerphilanderercoquetteheartbreaker.

On a roll.

optimal |ˈäptəməl|adjectivebest or most favorable; optimum seeking the optimal solution
optimumadjectivethe team is in optimum health | this is the optimum gas-to-oil ratio(the) best,(the) best of(the) most favorable(the) most advantageousideal,perfectprimeoptimalmodeltop(the) finestpeakexcellent;informal tip-toptop-notchA1.
advantageousadjectivean advantageous positionsuperiordominantpowerfulgood,fortunateluckyfavorable. ANTONYMS inferior.the arrangement is advantageous to both sidesbeneficialof benefit,helpfulof assistanceusefulof useof valueof serviceprofitable,fruitfulconvenientexpedient. ANTONYMS detrimental.
luckyadjectivethe lucky winnerfortunatein luckblessedfavoredborn under a lucky starcharmedsuccessfulprosperous. ANTONYMS unfortunate.a lucky escapeprovidentialfortunateadvantageoustimely,opportuneserendipitousexpedientheaven-sentauspiciouschance,fortuitousflukyaccidental. ANTONYMS untimely.
serendipitousadjectiveour meeting was purely serendipitouschanceaccidentalcoincidental;luckyflukyfortuitousunexpectedunforeseen.
flukyadjectivea fluky encounter with her ex-husband led to a reconciliationluckyfortunate,providentialtimelyopportuneserendipitousexpedientheaven-sentauspiciouspropitiousfelicitouschancefortuitousaccidental,unintended. ANTONYMS planned.
propitiousadjectivethe timing for such a meeting seemed propitiousfavorableauspicious,promisingprovidentialadvantageousoptimisticbrightrosy,heaven-senthopefulopportunetimely. ANTONYMS inauspicious,unfortunate.rosyadjectivea rosy complexionpinkpinkishroseatereddishpeaches-and-cream;glowinghealthyfreshradiantbloomingblushingflushedruddy,high-coloredfloridrubicundrare rubescenterubescent. ANTONYMSpalesallow.his future looks rosypromisingoptimisticauspicioushopeful,encouragingfavorablebrightgoldeninformal upbeat. ANTONYMSdismalbleak.PHRASESpeaches and cream (of a person's complexion) of a cream colorwith downy pink cheeksfine; satisfactory all is not quite peaches and cream

This made my day.


Just go with it.

whomp |(h)wämp; (h)wômp| informal

verb [ trans. ]

strike heavily; thump : whomp the club head on the ground | [ intrans. ] giant comet chunks whomped into Jupiter.

defeat decisively : that was our last fight and I whomped him good.


a dull heavy sound.



1 the two men kicked and thumped him: hit, strike, beat, batter, pound, knock, rap, smack, thwack, pummel, punch, thrash, cuff, box someone's ears; informal bash, bop, clout, clobber, sock, swipe, slug, lash, whack, wallop, beat the (living) daylights out of, belt, tan, lay into, let someone have it, whup; literary smite.

2 her heart thumped with fright: throb, pound, thud, hammer, pulsate, pulse, pump, palpitate, race, beat heavily.


she put the box down with a thump: thud, thunk, clunk, clonk, crash, smack, bang.

whup |(h)woŏp|

verb ( whupped, whupping) [ trans. ] informal

beat; thrash : they would whup him and send him home.

defeat convincingly : if you lined up our guys against the 49ers, they'd get whupped.


another train of thought

cacophonynoundespite the cacophony, Rita slept ondinracketnoiseclamordiscord,dissonancediscordanceuproar.
dissonance |ˈdisənəns|noun Musiclack of harmony among musical notes an unusual degree of dissonance forsuch choral styles the harsh dissonances give a sound which is quite untypical ofthe Renaissance.• tension or clash resulting from the combination of twodisharmonious or unsuitable elements dissonance between campaign rhetoric and personal behavior.
clashnounclashes between armed gangsconfrontationskirmishfightbattle, angry clashargumentaltercationconfrontationshouting matchcontretempsquarreldisagreementdisputerun-in.a clash of tweeds and a striped shirtmismatchdiscordancediscordlack of harmony.the clash of cymbalsstrikingbangclangcrash.
contretemps (also a ballet step)nounher little contretemps with Terryargumentquarrelsquabble,disagreementdifference of opiniondisputeinformal tiffset-torun-in,spatrow.
tiffnouninformal her in-laws were always having a tiffquarrelsquabble,argumentdisagreementfightfalling-outriftdifference of opinion,disputerowwranglealtercationcontretempsdisputationshouting matchblowupduelinformal run-inspatscrapset-to.
wranglenouna wrangle over moneyargumentdisputedisagreementquarrelfalling-outfightsquabbleturf waraltercationwar of wordsshouting matchtifftug-of-warinformal set-torun-inrow.

tonights sky




Train of thought

unabashedadjectiveher unabashed relationship with a convicted felonunashamedshameless,unembarrassedbrazenaudaciousblatantflagrantboldbarefaced,cockyunrepentantundauntedunconcernedfearless. 
audacious (such a cool word)adjectivean audacious remarkimpudentimpertinentinsolentpresumptuous,cheekyirreverentdiscourteousdisrespectfulinsubordinateill-manneredunmannerlyrudebrazenshamelesspertdefiantcocky,bold (as brass)informal freshlippymouthysaucysassynervyballsy;archaic contumelious.
cheekyadjectiveSee impudent.
impudentadjectivethe oblivious couple and their impudent children were asked to leave:impertinentinsolentcheekycockybrazenboldaudacious;presumptuousforwarddisrespectfulinsubordinatebumptious,bras
lippy |ˈlipē| informaladjective ( -pier -piest )insolent; impertinent.having prominent lips.
lipnounthe lip of the crateredgerimbrimbordervergebrink.informal don't give me any lip! insolenceimpertinenceimpudence,cheekcheekinessrudenessaudacityeffronterydisrespectinformalmouthback-talkguffsauce.
saucenouna piquant saucegravyrelishcondimentsalsaketchupdipdressing.informal “I'll have less of your sauce,” said Aunt Edieimpudence,impertinencecheekcheekinesssaucinesseffronteryforwardness,brazennessinsolencerudenessdisrespectinformal mouthlipsass,sassiness.
relishnounhe dug into his food with relishenjoymentgustodelightpleasureglee,rapturesatisfactioncontentmentappreciationenthusiasm,appetitehumorous delectation. ANTONYMS dislike.a hot relishcondimentsaucedressingflavoringseasoningdip,chutneychili sauce.
chili saucenouna hot sauce made with tomatoes, chilies, and spices.
Mmmmmmmm tasty!!! <rubs belly>




are the ways of men,

Spin and twist

the fabric of lies

weave and cut

the threads of hope



demoted emotions

sever the bonds

sever the ties

move forward

don’t regress

move forward

don’t look back





She stands silent

obsessed with her surroundings

No words form

no sound passes from her lips

I wait

still nothing

I wait


Gonch. That's what she said.   or