Going to try to tackle some writing this weekend.

I am going to try to let it flow this weekend. I haven't really written anything in a very long time. I haven't been motivated and I have been distracted with other things. Hopefully I can get some focus and put pen to paper.

20 years. I can't believe it.

So monday, I met a friend from high school I hadn't seen in twenty years. I always wondered what happened to her. We found each other on facebook. It was great. We spent five hours chatting at Panera and could have went longer. Now we are planning dinner and a Movie. 




Demi-Goddess Page

It's updated. Check it out. 

You have got to try this!!!

Okay, so I did it. What a fun experience. I was putting off the naked painting thing all week. Even this morning. I wasn't in the mood to get all icky, but I made myself. Holy cow!!! It was a blast. I started out with one painting in mind and ended up with four. Two are not finished and none of them are dry so check out the Yenney and Imara's page of attempted, hopefully someday noticed, or maybe recognized or maybe never considered, art. page tomorrow or tuesday. 

I'm calling this series of four "Works of the flesh".  Seeing as they were all painted with specific body parts.  I'm pretty proud of them. (I never thought I would say that) I have to say it was a very sensual experience and it won't be my last.  The clean up was easy as well. I used all acrylic paint and only primary colors.  

If you are looking for something fun and exhilarating to do before you die, this is definitely one of them. 

Random eyeball page

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Goal for this week.

So since I haven't contributed to the art page yet, my goal for this week is to paint with my body. I bought paint and a canvas board and lots of soap. 

Happy Anniversary

Happy 15th Yenney and B.

Please send eyeballs

We need more eyeballs for our random eyeball page. Please send some. We will be forever grateful. (I promise) 


I've been slacking on my blog. Not much to talk about. But I did recently join the phenomenon known as Facebook. I finally broke down and did it and I must say, I'm having a blast. Looking up old friend and chatting. I have a high school reunion coming up, but I don't think I'll be attending. I hated high school.  I did manage to contact one of three friends I had. She actually lives close and we could have been hanging out all this time. (who knew) 

It's kind of fun to see how everyone has aged over the years. Who has kids, who doesn't. Who is bald etc...   or