so alone

feel so alone

In the witching hour


treasured solitude

feel at peace

feel alone

wondrous isolation 


I lay dormant.

No thoughts pass from my mind

No word pass from my lips.

Silent I am till the sun emerges 

and warms my weary soul.

Letter to Leno

Dear Mr. No talent and obsequious hack,

You are like a spoiled baby running to mommy because you couldn't hang on to your ice cream cone and you dropped it.  "Mommy mommy mommy. I dropped my ice cream. But Conan still has his. I want it. I want it."

'Okay dear. Anything for my Jayeewayee."

You had your run on late for far to long in my opinion. You should have never been there in the first place. Carson didn't want you that was clear.

I tired to give you a chance when you took over the tonight show. You were filling impossible shoes. But had to stop watching it when i realized how you were destroying a great and time honored show. I don't think I ever laughed once at anything you have ever said.

You can imagine my joy when I found out you were leaving the tonight show and my great joy when I found out Conan and Andy were being united. Now here is a team we haven't seen since Johnny and Ed. Not even Letterman and Paul have this kind of chemistry. They are so symbiotic and very reminiscent of Johnny and Ed. But for a younger audience as it should be. Times have changed.

Word count

another 1784. Not bad considering I didn't spend much time. I wish I had the confidence to share my work. I just don't think anyone is ready :)

Feel good

Cranked out another 2881 word today. My old story "Demon Slave" Heehee. You are curious now aren't you.  :) 

I'm feeling the urge.

I think I'll make Yenney watch Repo the genetic opera with me. Since she's up anyway. I'm feeling the urge.

Wow, it's been a long long time.

I managed to squeak out 2,364 words today on an older story.  Wow that felt good. I haven't really written in months.  Feels good. I hope it continues. Though I'm not feeling like it will. 

Movie watching week.

Let me just start by saying I love District 9. I had no idea what it was about before watching it. I hadn't read or seen any trailers. I thought it was fantastic and I'm glad they didn't use name brand actors. 

The second film was Paranormal activity. I was very excited to see this. I was hoping for a really good, really nail biting time. I was very disappointed. I found the acting very not believable. The only scene I thought was any good was when she was dragged out of bed and down the hall. That was very creepy and very believable. The rest of it was akin to watching an episode of Ghost hunters. (sorry for my friends who love that show) I found myself making fun of the movie as I do an episode of GH. I kept saying. "what was that?" 

As someone who has experienced unexplained events as a kid. Ones that terrified the shit right out of me. I found these actors stale and not believable. Or maybe now that I don't believe in the supernatural anymore, maybe it's not scary to me anymore. I'm not sure. I just know I was very disappointed. 

This years quote.

“What good does it do to dwell on the past. My future is to move forward.”

                                                                             -J. E. Hammar   or